Corporate Strategies

The raison d’ȇtre of every business requires profitable strategies and targeted M&A that augment profitability through exceptional customer engagement, beneficial partners, new product lines and sales channels, creative talent and by stellar, consistent leadership. Mindful Managing Partners bring C-Suite and Board-level guidance to new heights that clarifies all aspects of your corporate strategy development and execution, ensuring direction and momentum as you grow, evolve or plan an exit. Our corporate development process provides additive value in the form of positive results, through our own direct initiatives on your behalf.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mindful positions companies for successful M&A with capital introductions and negotiations at all stages for each transaction. As an exceptional sell-side or buy-side investment bank, Mindful M&A goes above and beyond, providing in-house valuation and comprehensive diligence support. Mindful also sources new M&A targets, whether smaller bolt ons or substantial, scalable roll ups in the same or adjacent sectors to support vertical integrations. We also have expertise in reverse mergers, SPACs, and IPOs. We craft alliances and joint ventures or support carve-outs and strategic exits. For every M&A growth transition strategy, the Mindful Team attracts the right minority and majority investment partners, be it for growth, stability, (re)invention or divestiture.

Restructuring and Market Readiness

If the timing of the M&A transaction is not quite right yet, Mindful repositions companies for successful M&A via tried-and-true corporate restructuring and market readiness guidance. We develop business valuation and EBITDA build options with restructured financials and business models to attract new business partnerships, vendor alliances, and eventually interested financing parties for higher deal values with more strategic options. For every client, our Mindful Valuation Diligence Division situates and values each client and relevant business opportunities carefully for strategic growth, rapid consolidation and/or planned exit playbooks.

Capital Intros and Value-Based Diligence

We provide our clients with selective access to our exclusive Mindful Investor Network of financing partners from commercial banks and private equity groups to family offices, venture capital groups, angel and high net-worth investors. And our Mindful Diligence and Valuation Division ensures valuation, financial trend, operational, human capital, intellectual property (IP), technical, environmental, regulatory, tax, and legal considerations are each sound, in great detail, representing you and only your best interests, ethically.

Product Launch and Market Access

Mindful’s executives have decades of marketing strategy and product launch experience in every sector in which we specialize. Our team, alongside our exclusive Mindful Market Outreach Network offers outstanding capabilities in rapid prototyping and design, targeted regulatory approvals and market research, supply chain optimization, advanced manufacturing, and pricing analysis. We further focus on profitability and cost optimizations, as we work with you on expansion of your market access, with enhanced or entirely new products and brands.

Investor and Public Relations

Investor relations are at the core of obtaining support and attaining results; such an impact can propel a company’s profitability, growth, and market share, independent of the type of industry or the size of the enterprise. At Mindful M&A, we position companies to influence investor perceptions, augment valuations and attract capital to fund future endeavors. Our firm deploys specialized disciplines and resources across a range of financial communication and investor relations scenarios, comprising strategic positioning, sophisticated market intelligence, merger-and-acquisition communications, and initial public offerings.

Global Experience

Mindful M&A partners and team members have already done business in more than fifteen countries on six continents, including the United States and Canada.


We are ready to support your geographic expansions, and can provide unique multilingual corporate development support in English, French, and Spanish.

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